Your Lexington Humane Society (LHS) is proud to partner with Scout Antique and Modern for an exciting collaboration! Adorably named after their rescue dog, Scout has created custom candles to not only support LHS, but provide the community with a chance to give back to the animals with each candle purchase.

The candle’s refreshing scent is called Bluegrass - one every Kentuckian will appreciate and love. This rich, perfectly scented candle comes with an added bonus. Every purchase from our Online Shop benefits the animals of LHS!

Why you'll love these candles:

· Made with natural essential oils
· Bluegrass scent is an invigorating room-filling fragrance
· Amazing quality from beginning to end
· Evenly melting soy wax blend; candles burn top to bottom and side to side with zero black soot
· Wicks are self-trimming
· Meet the guidelines of California Prop 65; candles are non-toxic and do not contain chemicals linked to cancer or reproductive harm
· Customers can recycle empty jars and lids at Scout Antique and Modern to receive $2 off next candle purchase
· 100% of proceeds are donated to LHS

What do they smell like?

Picture a fresh springtime herbal garden, capture that experience in a scent and you have Bluegrass.  Cool and crisp notes of mint leaves and spearmint give way to herbal and woody accords to round out this fragrance. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Cornmint and Armoise oil.

Note Profile:
Top: Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Tomato Leaf
Middle: Mint, Anise
Base: Powder, Wood

Candles may be purchased exclusively through the Scout Antique & Modern website or inside their store!