How does First Contact differ from a regular LHS adoption?

When LHS receives an animal, the First Contact database is checked to see if we have registrants waiting to meet that particular type of animal.  If there are any matches, the animal is "reserved" for First Contact registrants to consider. 

How quickly can I expect to be notified of an animal that matches the information I provided?

Some matches can take a matter of days, others may take weeks or even months.  Some unique breeds may never come our way.  It might take a bit of time and patience, but we will make every effort to find what you are looking for!  Please note, some popular breeds can have 10 or more people before you “in line” who are interested in the same animal

When can I schedule my Meet & Greet with the potential match you notified me about?

There is no scheduling.  There is a window for Meet & Greet sessions, open to all who were notified of a potential match.  The window for a Meet & Greet session will be identified in the notification/invitation you are sent.

Can LHS “hold” the animal I just had a Meet & Greet with?

We want to work with you to find your pet but cannot delay finding a forever home for the animal involved.  You should have all family members and pets involved in the decision to adopt with you at the Meet and Greet so you are prepared to make the decision at the conclusion of that Meet and Greet.

If I change my mind about adopting or adopt somewhere else, can I have a refund of my fee?

The fee is a non-refundable service fee which covers program costs and, in turn, helps provide for homeless animals in our care.

Does LHS ever get pure bred animals or unique breeds?

Even though over 25% of the animals entering shelters are purebred, LHS does not test for breed typing and therefore cannot state an animal is “pure bred.”  We can only judge breed on looks & characteristics.  Breeds that are popular in our community are the breeds that regularly arrive at our shelter; therefore, rare or uncommon breeds in our community are rare and uncommon in our shelter.

What are the adoption fees?

LHS adoption fees are the same for the general public and First Contact applicants: $79-$349 for puppies and dogs, $1-$89 for kittens and cats, and $10 and up for bunnies, ferrets, birds and other small animals.

I'm looking for a hypoallergenic pet. Can you help with that?

While some breeds can be less likely to cause allergies, there is no truly hypoallergenic pet. We would be happy to assist in your search for the perfect pet but are unable to guarantee a particular breed/animal will be less likely to cause allergies than another. 



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