How we Give Love, Teach Love, and Adopt Love!

Give Love

  • Foster Care: Nearly 700 LHS animals every year are saved through our network of invaluable foster parentsProgram sponsored by Merck Animal Health

  • Love-A-Bull: Free spay/neuter surgeries to all pit bull breeds and pit mixes living in Fayette County 

  • Pet Food Pantry: Temporary assistance to Lexington pet owners struggling to feed their pets—call (859) 233-0044 for more information 

  • Project Purrfect: Improves the lives of felines in our community through spay/neuter, adoption, and enhanced health and wellbeing for cats awaiting adoption. Program sponsored by Nancy T. Barron II

  • Second Chances: Allows us to provide specialized medical treatments and procedures for our critical and special needs animals. Program sponsored by Stacie & Davis Marksbury

  • Spay’sTheWay: Free and low-cost spay/neuter surgery program for dogs, cats, and bunnies

Teach Love

  • Critter Camp: Weeklong summertime camps for kids promoting the compassionate treatment of all animals and responsible pet ownership 

  • Humane Education: Shelter tours; portable information centers; and speakers visiting schools, groups, and businesses to educate on responsible pet ownership—call (859) 233-0044 for more information 

  • Volunteering: Our amazing volunteers are critical to the success of our outreach activities and life-saving programs—sign up for an orientation class today!

Adopt Love

We have no time limits on our animals and will spend an unlimited amount of time working to find loving homes for happy, healthy animals

  • Adoptions: 5,000 homeless animals every year find loving homes through LHS’s adoption centers 

  • Canine Companions Program: Pre-adoption training program "turns good dogs into great dogs" 

  • Finders-Keepers: Provides guidance and resources to help you find the perfect pet and keep that pet for life 

  • First Contact Service: Concierge-style adoption service that works one-on-one with you to find a desired pet type or breed based on your personalized registry. (Registration fee applies.) Program sponsored by Animal Care Clinic

  • Train-A-Bull: One of our newest programs providing specialized training and enrichment to stronger breeds awaiting adoption. Program sponsored by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky